Kidney Diseases

As per the National Kidney Foundation statistics, kidney diseases affect more than 26 million people from around the globe most of them being adults. Medical experts suggest that early detection of this disease is the only sure option of preventing this condition from worsening which can lead to a kidney failure or even a fatality.


Detecting this disease when it is still in its early stages is somehow difficult, This is because the signs and symptoms of acute kidney failure and kidney diseases are not always serious and can be confused with those of common ailments. In this regard, the following are shocking facts about kidney diseases that you might not be aware of.

Kidney disease can develop for years without noticing any signs and symptoms. As such, medical experts consider it a “silent disease”. People ailing from hypertension, diabetes and those from families with a history of this disease stands a better chance of suffering from kidney disease. The two leading causes of this problem are high blood pressure and Diabetes. These two diseases overwork the kidneys. A fact that leads to kidney ailments.

In the United States, kidney disease is the 9th leading cause of death. Each year, the number of people who die from such health problem is more than those who die from prostate and breast cancer. The major cause of death for all people with chronic kidney disease is heart disease. This implies that these two conditions are somehow interrelated.

Persistent protein (proteinuria) in the urine is a clear sign that kidney disease is present. Early detection can help prevent the spread of this disease which can eventually lead to kidney failure

Pacific islanders, Hispanics, Native Americans and seniors are at increased risk of developing chronic conditions but Africa Americans at 3 times more likely to develop this health problem than Caucasians.

Kidney diseases kill. Ideally, they are common, harmful but treatable. As kmb42wrd5t26wy7u7we have already seen earlier, you cannot notice the presence of this disease until when it is in its advanced stages. It is important that to get tested especially if you have a family background with hypertension and diabetes. Before getting tested, here are some steps to consider to keep this diseases at bay.

  • Keep off necessary use of drugs
  • Maintain healthy weight and exercise regularly
  • Do not smoke
  • Know your risk factor
  • Drink plenty of liquids (water) to prevent kidney stones
  • Treat high blood pressure and diabetes
  • Eat a well-balanced diet following dietary guidelines